Mini One Cabrio of Vilner: more eccentricity to China


Vilner customizes a MINI One Cabrio with an inner striking

Vilner Design House is a trainer that is characterized by some eccentricities in their work, as a proof of this is the BMW M6 Rafter based on Star Wars. Currently, the specialist Bulgarian just opened a centre of customization in China where you are sure to find clientele in line with his way of proceeding. Your first job for a local client has just been presented.

it Is a MINI One Cabrio 2010 the actress Tyan Lynn, based now in China. The first customer in the asian country, which is the letter of presentation of Vilner at those places, I wanted to customize the interior of your convertible with the universe as the main theme. As you can appreciate the result it is as much as eye-catching and exotic.

Externally we will only see a body color white with tires of the same tone and the detail of painting of blue the steps of wheels in the front and the base of the bumper. Inside is where the trainer has put all his effort into this customization.


The effect universe of some areas of the vehicle has been achieved by using 25 layers of paint

The interior is completely upholstered with leather and alcantara of shades of blue and purple. Many parts of the interior are made of , handcrafted with pure gold, as the arches of safety anti-tip, gear knob of the gear lever and close the glove box, among other details.

Although without a doubt the most striking feature is the effect universe impregnated on the dashboard, steering wheel and trims for the air vents that have been achieved by 25 layers of paint.

The areas of the dashboard and center console also receive a gradient between blue and purple in order not to break with the color scheme of the rest of the cabin. Everything has received a touch of paint as the finishes plastic of the bases of the seats, door handles, base of the steering wheel… The work can be a design of questionable but the level of customization and attention to detail is exceptional.