MINI unveils its first surfboard (which they say moves like a MINI)

Why has created MINI a surfboard? definitely MINI will not be in the business of surfboards or water sports , far from it. MINI has worked closely with a manufacturer of tables, Channel Islands Surfboards to create a custom table that not only dressed the new brand image, but also reflect their values ​​in terms of agility and speed. In fact, according to this table brand “surf as a MINI “, a statement that somehow try to introduce performance. Though for a layman, as a server, it is difficult to understand what it means no such thing.

Did you know that Peugeot also has a surfboard?

According to Channel Islands Surfboards, table MINI is “rocker” light, sharp edge, broad tail type “squash” and wide nose. And far from what one might imagine, this table is not a prototype display, much less. Your marketing has already begun in the UK, where it is available from 580 pounds (about 800 €) . The customer can also choose your table in different sizes, personalize, and decorate it in different colors, including a red finish called Chili Red and a design with black stripes in the style of a rally car.

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Source: MINI | Channel Islands Surfboards
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Did you know that Peugeot also has a surfboard?

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