MINI Vision Next 100 Concept, a new form of car sharing and the advancement of a model that is more compact

there is No two without three. MINI presents its particular vision of the future with the prototype MINI Vision Next 100, with this it completes the trio of concept vehicles that move the future of mobility according to the BMW Group. The other two you already know: the BMW Vision Next 100 presented a few months and the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 that we talked to you about yesterday.


┬┐How is the future for MINI? The manufacturer of city cars luxury provides for a vehicle that still make references to the MINI original is projected as a model that is more futuristic and less classic. The silhouette of the icon on wheels is clearly identifiable as such, but with a look more technological.

To MINI in the future we will not be owners of a vehicle but we will use a fleet vehicles car sharing in constant motion by the city that will take us from one side to the other when we need to, something like a taxi self that we seek when we request one of them.

The idea of a fleet of autonomous vehicles to share is a great idea, but this can mean a priori that it would be a transport impersonal and boring. To do this MINI has the solution. The light environment of the cockpit, lines, luminous ceiling, and graphics on the doors of this vehicle are customizable, this will be loaded to our preferences about the vehicle before being collected by a few of them. So we know that it is about “our car” and also has a little bit of it.

Is an autonomous vehicle, but the people who make use of this service car sharing will continue to have the possibility of driving the vehicle with your hands. The steering wheel and pedals have the ability to move by the width of the vehicle to adapt to the preferences of your driver. It retains the classical sphere in the middle of the dashboard, and we can control and modify various aspects of the vehicle through a minimalist wheels analog that allude to the mechanism of a watch of a lifetime.

As all MINI, a small car does not mean little space. The prototype is smaller than the MINI’s current five-door approaching the measures of the original model, but the interior space has been maximised with the installation of benches for both rows of seats, and the elimination of the combustion engine. The sense of space is increased thanks to large glass surfaces, plus a windscreen that extends up to the base of the bumper.


The front and sides comprising a projector, which provides information to the pedestrians and other road users, as well as to welcome us to us. According to the press release, the prototype is driven without releasing emissions into the environment without specifying which are these qualities. It is evidently some sort of electrical mechanics, quite possibly by means of small electric motors installed in the wheels powered by batteries or some type of fuel cell such as hydrogen.

But there is something more that we are aware of this prototype. The fact that, again, MINI presents us with a model that is more compact than the current what makes us re-think who the manufacturer for the moment continues with the idea of launching on the market MINI Rocketman concept.