MINI wants the next generation of the Countryman is a true SUV


The second generation MINI Countryman will be larger and of more aggressive look . It will use the system 4-wheel drive BMW Active Tourer Series 2. [1.99901 million]


MINI-Countryman M INI is planning a new product range that will be based on five models. A few weeks ago we met the new generation Clubman, an evolved model of something more conventional format and a larger size. In the same vein, the brand wants to transform the next generation of the Countryman a true SUV .

more aggressive look and a larger for the second generation of the Countryman body.

Not that the current is not, because even it is offered in versions with four-wheel drive. But according to the British publication indicating Coach MINI plans in its next generation, the model acquires an image more aggressive inspired X-Raid , the vehicle used to mark the Dakar.

Of course not everything is limited to the image, but also in its second generation, the MINI Countryman grow to a length to be around 4.25 meters , at the same time it would have a body 10 millimeters wider than the model it replaced and a load capacity would reach 450 liters. At the same time, thanks to the benefits of the new modular platform UKL, will use the same system four-wheel drive Series 2 the BMW Active Tourer. [1.99901 million]

Despite the criticism because of its large size, located away from what many believe should be the essence MINI, model and represents a third of the sales of the brand.

Of the five new models defined at the time by the head of MINI Peter Schwarzenbauer thus far defined the MINI hatchback introduced last year, Clubman which debuted a few weeks ago, the second generation Countryman MINI Convertible and a fifth model could either be the production version of the MINI Rocketman Concept or an MPV is a kind of brother of the BMW Active Tourer Series 2.





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