MINI would be considering a small hatchback

MINI sedán recreación

Imagining a MINI hatchback

In a brief interview with Peter Schwarzenbauer, Automotive News has obtained interesting information about the future of MINI. The british brand is focusing its efforts on to create a range of successful detaching themselves from models that less acceptance have. By the statements of Schwarzenbauer, seems to be one of the future choices of the brand is to launch a MINI coupé.

it would Be a compact sedan that could take precedence over other projects that MINI cam time wandering around, like the launch of a roadster based on the prototype MINI Superleggera, which was presented at Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’este 2014. A small sedan could have a much greater acceptance globally that the Superleggera, that would be a halo model of niche, with low sales, design and production costs high and sale price elevated that could compromise the viability of the project.

MINI Superleggera Vision concept

MINI Superleggera Vision concept

MINI’s on the table, therefore, both options, although the idea of launching a sedan like increasingly. Is a market with great potential on sales which could bring a significant growth in terms of volume to MINI. Whatever the decision, this year we will know the results and we will know if the four models of the volume of MINI (the three-and five-door, Clubman and Countryman) is added an interesting compact sedan if, on the contrary will reach a halo model such as the Superleggera. This year will also reach the new generation of the MINI Countryman.

in Addition, a model of these characteristics would be another step between the efforts of MINI to offer products that are more mature, which is usually translated in larger cars that they can reach more people. It is no secret that the concept behind the creation of the MINI original Issigonis left behind a long time ago. The brand places as an example the Clubman, which in its previous generation liked a lot of the customers for design and concept, although most lacked a larger space. The public wants a MINI, but not mini.

In the future, MINI might also have a variant 100% electric in your offer. As mark urban it is, has a lot of potential in the eyes of Schwarzenbauer, although here it will be decisive in the evolution of batteries in the coming years.

Source – Automotive News Europe