Minutes music: the unexpected tribute to the world of two wheels, Ben Hur and scooter Macklemore

motor Since when has become a music website? Since the rapper Macklemore came up with the brilliant idea of ​​paying tribute to the world of two wheels with its new single, “Downtown” . So it’s time to do a little break and pulses play, because for the next five minutes have duties: the official video for “Downtown,” a and genuine review of the motorcycle world – specifically the scooter – in key hip hop, with a very funny letter and an absolutely great video


If you like cars and music by Macklemore you should not miss “White Walls”.

Seattle rapper has managed to summarize in a song the fans – more passion – some Americans by scooter. But a playful homage motorcycle world is not there, because this song is . The singles from their first album are worth listening to if you’re addicted to cars – especially “White Walls”, which talks about Cadillac classics – and you can not miss if you are interested in this track bikes minimally. Because the amount of current and vintage machinery impresses on the video.

But more impressive carriage motorcycles imitating Ben Hur. Four Royal Enfield dragging a Roman chariot battle , tamed by reins. A more innovative acrobatics, but in 1938 and it was popularized by a German regiment in Potsdam. Anyway, hit the play (here’s the letter for if you want to keep) and enjoy these musical minutes. And if you do not like Macklemore – for tastes is the music -. Stick with the bikes displayed

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