Mirai Toyota participated in the WRC in Germany


Toyota led the Mirai to Germany to participate in special sections of the WRC. The idea was to demonstrate its commitment towards 2017 while in Europe show your vehicle that runs on hydrogen.


Toyota-Mirai-WRC V olkswagen dominated the last weekend rally of Germany , but it was Toyota who managed to stand out thanks to the participation in some special stages with Mirai. Although Toyota did not compete, he chose the occasion to demonstrate their commitment to the sport, following his announcement to join the WRC from 2017 with the Yaris .

In command car that uses hydrogen to operate the journalist was of Japanese origin Mitsuhiro Kunisawa , who was also in Japan WRC driver. Mirai Toyota was equipped with all the necessary elements to participate, such as a roll cage, racing seats, racing tires and brake pads improved. The rest remained standard , that is used by the same electric motor 155 horsepower , such as the product that soon more will hit the European and North American markets.

Toyota showcased its hydrogen car in the German WRC.

Logistics was conducted by the German subsidiary of Toyota, as one of its major problems was to achieve hydrogen supply . To do the Japanese supply mounted mobile units that allowed hydrogen filling tanks Mirai times as was necessary and in just three minutes .

Meanwhile, from the brand they said they were very pleased to have been able to participate in the WRC with a product that use alternative fuels. In that sense Yoshikazu Tanaka , chief engineer of Mirai, expressed his wish that someday vehicles fuel cell capable of competing in the WRC, so it will work on the development of technology great ambition.

At the same time he warned that viewers will have to start getting used to this type of cars that almost no noise , because that is the future. Will be the future, but it is also true that the fans have trouble digesting some radical changes.

The electric motor produces the Toyota Mirai 155 hp and 355 Nm of torque . Electricity is generated by mixing of oxygen air and hydrogen that builds up in your fuel tank, which has a capacity of just over 122 L . It can accelerate from 0-100 kph in 9.1 seconds and offers 480 km of autonomy.



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