Mirrors digital come to Japan


a Multitude of Concept cars the showed in the famous motor shows in Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva, Detroit, and a long etcetera, but it seemed that that idea is a very interesting and futuristic in its time and with a wide range in what aesthetics is concerned, it never ended to set in the market beyond the spectacular shows.

Goodbye to glare, tarnished and lack of visibility in the dead corners.

well, it seems that the country of the rising sun takes the first step and accept this technology in their street vehicles in the month of August, when may approve. And according to this, the machinery begins to activate and have put hands to the work, with what Ichikoh is already producing this system to implement it in a model unknown new invoice destined for the local market, a model of mid-range, in addition to building this system for integrate in a multitude of vehicles.


an example of A concept car with the camera system at the apex of the a-pillars.

But the network does not end here, because as good as visionaries of business, and although at the moment this only affects Japan, it is expected a possible ‘boom’ and both Bosch as Continentall, among others, are scrambling to put pressure on the development of their proposals for when approval of these systems is patent.

This solution represents a real step forward in the technology of the car of street is concerned, as it will prevent glare, tarnished and unexpected lack of light in some maneuvers, in addition to allowing designs sporty or elegant and to promote a consumption more adjusted since the surface that covers the support of the chamber is much smaller, which favors the Cx of the body.

get used to it will take time, as there is also drawbacks, as its long-term reliability or the loss of the visual references, since what is displayed is a screen at the end of the day.