Mitsubishi acknowledge that you have distorted the fuel consumption figures

Tetsuo Aikawa, president of Mitsubishi Motors coupled to the minister of Transportation japanese, gave a press conference in which he admitted to have manipulated the figures for consumption and emissions of some of its models to offer figures that alter the actual results.

Mitsubishi-ek-CustomLfter unleashed the scandal around the false data by Volkswagen, Mitsubishi Motors admitted today to have tampered with the fuel consumption figures on some of their Kei Cars japanese.

through an official press release, the manufacturer of japanese origin claims to have carried out tests improperly, with the purpose of showing better fuel consumption figures than the real ones, at the same time that the test methodology was also different to the one required by the japanese standards. The affected models are the eK Space eK Wagon, Nissan Dayz and Nissan Dayz Roox, produced by Mitsubishi from the month of June of the year 2013.

The trap was discovered by Nissan to examine the fuel consumption figures as I developed the model of new generation, finding inconsistencies between the declared values and the data obtained in the laboratory. This situation has led to an internal investigation that resulted in the discovery of the figures are adulterated.

The company estimates that a figure higher than the 600,000 units are affected, to 157,000 corresponding to the Mitsubishi eK and 468.000 the Nissan Dayz. Then he discovered the trap both Mitsubishi as Nissan stopped the marketing of all the affected models, as discussed what type of compensation will be offered to customers who have been cheated.

Mitsubishi is in the process of internal investigation, that the believe that other models from the japanese market could be affected, at the same time that will also be carried out a research about the models marketed in other international markets.