Mitsubishi at risk by the scandal of the consumption

Mitsubishi consumoMitsubishi is the second manufacturer that is dotted with a scandal to falsify data approval of its cars. Its partner Nissan saw that in Japan some kei car from Mitsubishi had been approved in matter of consumption following a process than the process marked by the law, so that the figures announced were fraudulent.

Since I broke out the scandal of Mitsubishi, the stock market value of the company has plummeted no less than the half. Mitsubishi has three independent auditors carrying out an investigation, in which for the moment it is known that the irregularities date back to 1991. Get to know more models are affected, the actions of Mitsubishi could collapse and according to some experts, the company could even disappear.


because of the deception of Mitsubishi, there are 468.000 models Nissan affected, for the most part

advances in research and the possible discoveries are decisive for Mitsubishi. Unlike Volkswagen, the japanese brand is much smaller and does not have the same capabilities to deal with a problem of this magnitude in the economic and image that have the germans. However, the fall from a manufacturer like Mitsubishi could have notable impacts in the industry and in the automotive sector.

Tetsuro Aikawa, president of Mitsubishi, has said that it is still unclear how the brand will compensate the affected customers. It is also is investigating to reimburse Nissan for the money invested in the supply of more than 468.000 hire, the greater part of those affected, up to the moment. Nissan, like Mitsubishi, has ceased the marketing of the affected models. Mitsubishi also might be forced to to pay penalties and taxes the cars affected should have paid if the irregularities have been made that these pay less tax.

This scandal, which at the moment only affects the japanese market, has made international agencies to focus attention about the brand of the three diamonds. The EPA in america and the Air Resources Board of California have already announced an investigation of the models Mitsubishi marketed in the united States. To find any of these organisms irregularities or notable differences with the type-approval, may still be held on Mitsubishi a statement such as the one that forced Hyundai to indemnify its customers for having their cars consumptions are higher for stated.

Source – Automotive News Europe