Mitsubishi calls to review more than 82,000 cars

Mitsubishi Lancer 2016 restylingMitsubishi Motors Corp. you are making an important call to review by a problem in automatic changes in CVT. It does not seem very complicated as the solution because, according to they count, the problem goes away with a reset of the electronic unit and the management of the automatic transmission, without having to disassemble part mechanical, something that is sure to relieve more than one.

apparently, this fault is given in models Mitsubishi Outlander 2015 and 2016, and in the Mitsubishi Lancer 2016, by adding together a large number of 82.436 vehicles called to review. A very important detail is that there are no recorded deaths or injuries related to this problem of the transmission system.

Levas en el volante Mitsubishi Outlanderin Addition to dispense with the clutch pedal, gearbox automatic CVT function as an inverter; such as a motorcycle type “Vespino”, so we understand. Their initials (CVT) come from the translation of “transmission of continuous variation” and this type of change has the particularity of having a number of speeds nearly infinite.

The problem, as have told in Management of Road Safety u.s., only affects the vehicles there marketed and comes from a delay in the time that passes between the driver requested power with your right foot until the vehicle begins to gain speed. This can be somewhat dangerous in situations of overtaking, additions, or leaving a Stop.

As is usual in these operations in which a manufacturer calls its customers to alert them of a possible failure or defect, will mark who is in charge of the repair to carry out to ensure the correct operation of these more than 82,000 cars. These operations take place in the showrooms of the japanese multinational, which already began last week to inform its customers.

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