Mitsubishi did not lie with the consumption of fuel in the united States

An internal investigation of Mitsubishi Motors, it was found that none of the models marketed in the United States today is affected by the fraud in the fuel consumption data.



Hace a few weeks ago, Mitsubishi Motors admitted to having falsified data of fuel consumption for several of the models marketed in Japan. As a result of this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) forced Mitsubishi not only to provide additional information, but in addition to to carry out the approval testing again, for all the models who traded in the now.

Is that taking into account the scandal surrounding Volkswagen and its TDI engines, it is understandable that the EPA acted in this case with a lot of speed, applying to Mitsubishi a validation of the tests homologation of all vehicles placed on the market between the years 2013 and 2016.

With a very fast response, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation reported that none of the vehicles sold in the united States are affected by the irregularities in the test data of fuel consumption, for which the problem is initially circunscripto to the japanese market.

Mitsubishi Motors America in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, carried out an internal audit of all the vehicles that are marketed in the united States in order to determine the fuel consumption data presented in a timely manner to the EPA. After reviewing in a comprehensive way models marketed between the years 2013 and 2016, determined that none of them is affected by the fraud, since the data are correct and comply with the procedures established by the EPA.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has acted quickly to address this drawback, at the same time that it is putting in place a committee of external experts to continue researching the subject thoroughly. Once the investigation is concluded, the results will be made public.