Mitsubishi Does Emirai 3?, heading to Tokyo

This prototype has no name officially, although it is believed that it can be called Emirai 3, already in 2013 showed two prototypes in Tokyo called Emirai, and Emirai 2. This is not a model of the division automotive, Mitsubishi Motors, but specialized in electronics, Mitsubishi Electric.

This prototype futuristic is meant to be driven, although it has sensors to move between the traffic and anticipate their moves before the driver is realized with algorithms of artificial intelligence.

Account with one electric motor per wheel, with a combined power of 168 HP. As not weigh much, it would be a toy the more fun. Data as to the performance or autonomy are a complete unknown.

In the interior the HUD is evolving to the third dimension, providing the driver information of the highest quality. The driving position reminds us vaguely of the Car is Fantastic, with two screens that double as rear-view mirrors, fully digital instrumentation, and another screen in the center console.

it does Not seem the means of transportation more practical of the world, but so are the prototypes.