Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDAS, convertible futuristic to Tokyo

Mitsubishi EmiraiMitsubishi wants to impress the next Salon Automobile de Tokyo that will begin at the end of this month. It began with the presentation of the Mitsubishi eX Concept, a SUV that advances the electrical technology of the future and now comes with another novelty. This is the Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDAS, a convertible with a futuristic look that has a mechanical electrical.

This prototype is the evolution of the Emirai 2 xDAS, another concept that was also presented in the Lounge of Tokyo, two years ago. With respect to the previous there has been a remarkable evolution and now presents a new body more aerodynamic and incorporates the latest technology. They include the man-machine interface (HMI), control of the light or the detection of gestures by the driver.

Mitsubishi Emirai ConceptFor the use of these technologies, we have provided several LCD display throughout the dashboard, being virtually united between them. In the interior there are also several cameras that monitor the activity of the driver allowing it to be able to raise the music volume or the temperature of the climate control only by their gestures, thus avoiding having to use the touch screen.

there will Also be a portable device which will vibrate in some special cases also an application that will analyze the physical state of the driver, and in the case of to detect fatigue, recommend to the driver to stop to rest. The Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDAS account with a head-up display which projects 3D images of the possible dangers to reduce the risk of an accident.

Source – Misubishi

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