Mitsubishi is clean in America, their cars are not lying about the consumption

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Mitsubishi you can breathe easy. The scandal of consumption that exploded in Japan set off alarms in other parts of the world. The EPA urged Mitsubishi to test all the models from MY 2013 through MY 2017, the brand has sold and sells in united States. Fortunately, we have not found any irregularities and none of the models of Mitsubishi sold in north America are affected, complying with all the requirements of the EPA.

With this news, the problem seems to be, even more, exclusive for the japanese market and some models in particular. In Japan, the regulatory approval of consumption are different and more stringent than in Europe or the united States. Within the seriousness of the matter, it is a good news for Mitsubishi is that the scandal does not leave Japan and do not have magnitude international, as the scandal Dieselgate of Volkswagen.


Mitsubishi Lancer GT

If they had detected irregularities in the united States, Mitsubishi I would have a very bad. There are those who believe that a scandal of great magnitude could put at risk the existence of the brand. Manufacturer is a relatively small, that does not have the same capacity to tackle this kind of problems, for example, the Volkswagen Group. Have lied in the united States could be translated directly into significant demands and sanctions consumers and authorities, as well as in an important loss of confidence on the part of the market, which would harm directly to sales of the brand.

By the time is only affected by misrepresenting the data consumption 625.000 units different models kei car manufactured by Mitsubishi, although the majority have been sold by Nissan. The investigations are already in progress and both Mitsubishi as Nissan have ceased marketing of the affected models. It was precisely at Nissan who detected the irregularities.

Source – Mitsubishi