Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will have, as president, Carlos Ghosn

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishia few days Ago we reported that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation would be integrated within the Renault-Nissan Alliance. This situation came about coming from the purchase of the 34 per cent of the shareholding of the japanese company on the part of Nissan Motors. With it, the signing of the three diamonds will be better equipped with funds, technology, and commercial networks. However, the news that has reached us today changes the puzzle of command in the company nippon.

Until now we all thought that Mitsubishi would remain on the sidelines of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Being relatively outside of the conglomerate, Mitsubishi could continue to operate with some autonomy, but as the costs powers that independence will disappear in favor of a closer collaboration. Staying within the Alliance will have access to a lot of the technology costs and capacity were escaping and be able to grow as a brand.

Alianza Renault-Nissanhowever, for this to be so, there will be changes in the leadership of Mitsubishi. According to the Nikkei newspaper and the EFE Agency, when Nissan Motors effectively makes the purchase of the greater part of the shareholders of Mitsubishi Carlos Ghosn, will also become the new president of Mitsubishi Motors. With this movement the head of the Alliance ensures that Mitsubishi will be profitable in the shortest time possible and with the fewest number of problems possible.

This news to the fact that the stock market value of the signing of the three diamonds has skyrocketed. The Stock exchange of Tokyo has given a quote of a 7,85 percent to the upside. In addition to that the company does not feel that it is empty of power represented in a steering nippon, the current president of Mitsubishi, Osamu Masuko would become the second responsible for the firm.

need to be attentive to the movements carried out by the Alliance to find out how it is framed Mitsubishi in the whole conglomerate.

Source – EFE