Mitsubishi MPV Concept, a preview of what will come to Indonesia

Mitsubishi MPV ConceptWe get the teaser of a vehicle that will debut in the Room Indonesia. Although the image is obscured, it is the Mitsubishi MPV Concept, a prototype that anticipates the lines of your next minivan. But really what is defined as a a mixture of SUV and mpv, which combines the virtues of both segments. The strength and hardness of the first, with the versatility and spaciousness of the second.

In the paragraph aesthetic, though we may not perceive the details, you can sense a few lines very similar to those of Mitsubishi eX Concept. The front receives the characteristic “Dynamic Shield” of the mark and that we find a lengthened lighthouses and fog lights with a shape almost equal to that of the former Concept. In addition, in both prototypes have been used yellow for the body, increased the similarities.

Mitsubishi eX Concept

Mitsubishi eX Concept

Also there will be differences, well, this MPV Concept gets a few bars on the roof, a few steps from different wheels and a few riders in the rear that seem to be redesigned. It maintains the detail of replacing the mirrors by cameras. Surely there is more news, but we will not be able to check until the on August 11, when you have place your presentation in the Hall of Indonesia.

This crossover between minivan and SUV is expected to have a important dimensions and a large interior space. So much so, that the brand has already confirmed that they will have the ability to carry seven passengers. What has yet to be revealed is its propulsion system. Being still a prototype may arrive with a electrical system with four-wheel drive and 400 km of autonomy, as the one who introduced the former Concept.

Source – Mitsubishi