Mitsubishi, who was sentenced to stop selling several models in Japan


The Mitsubishi Pajero will not be able to market temporarily (in Spain we know it as a Montero for obvious reasons) among other

The crisis of manufacturer of diamonds that began in April is reaching farther. Due to that eight models have their approvals of consumption is altered, the have used estimates instead of actual data, you can’t keep selling it. Mitsubishi should correct these data to be able to re-sell their cars legally.

In April, the Nissan engineers found that the city cars DayZ and DayZ Roox, manufactured by Mitsubishi, had the fuel consumption figures official altered. The same thing happened with their equivalents in the brand of diamonds, the eK and eK Space. The 625.000 cars sold with the technical foul were the tip of the iceberg, then we knew that that had occurred from 1991!

The sale of these models ended up banning during the time it took to do the type-approval of a correct way, according to the manual of procedure, so that the consumers were well-informed about the expense of gasoline. Just add the SUV RVR (ASX in Europe), Outlander, Pajero (Montero in Spain, Shogun in Uk) and Mirage (Space Star in Europe).


it All started with these two cars, the Mitsubishi eK Custom and eK Space Custom

This decision only affects the domestic market in japanese, because the European Union uses another cycle of approval, and more of the same in the united States. Around one-tenth of the sales of Mitsubishi are produced in Japan, where it is the sixth manufacturer in order of importance.

The difference between the consumption that should have come out and touted does not reach the 10%, but is above the tolerance with japanese regulations. Why came this deviation? The company reported in the first place was not an executive decision, but a string of bad decisions.

According to an internal investigation, there was very good communication between the managers and the engineers, under pressure to achieve some unrealistic goals with the means they had, did a little makeup numeric for the calculations are more favorable. that Is to say, in theory, the policy did not falsify those figures.


The Nissan re-branded, also had to leave to be sold, temporarily

The scandal of the consumption approved in Japan already resulted in the resignation of the president of Mitsubishi Motors, Tetsuro Aikawa, and also the vice president responsible for quality and product strategy, Ryugo Nakao. The president asked for forgiveness to the media with a reverence, a way to apologize vehemently, according to japanese culture.

on the other hand, the fall of the shares of Mitsubishi allowed one of its partners, Nissan, done with a third of the company to give you support and have it more controlled. In Japan, Mitsubishi manufactures some models for that Nissan sells them with their own shields, which all the life has been called “redial”.

This move about more to Mitsubishi to the orbit of the empire Renault Nissan, which also controls Infiniti, Dacia, Datsun, Samsung and AvtoVAZ (Lada), chinese brands apart. Little by little, the monster that Carlos Ghosn -head of the empire, went from being a manufacturer in bankruptcy to be one of the top heavyweights of the industry multinational of the automobile.


Nissan has managed to take advantage of the situation, and tying in short to your partner in Japan

The lost sales throughout the fiscal year 2016 (April to April) will mean a negative impact more in the accounts of Mitsubishi Motors. Keep in mind that out, the result that comes out, is provisioned with money to cope with sanctions, demands or compensation for customers who purchased cars manufactured by them and were not informed truthfully of the consumption.

Within the japanese culture, the pifias are very bad views, even though the managers were sacrifice and ask for forgiveness. Is an image issue a serious one for the company, which can be compared to Volkswagen, who by their bad practice has been condemned to withdraw the majority of his catalogue of the south Korean market, until they approve correctly.

we do Not speak of cases are the same, in Mitsubishi seems not so much a problem of bad faith or bad business culture. Rather it looks like being another case of a manufacturer asks its engineers to do the impossible, and in the face of pressure, the not look bad, and to get out of trouble, is cheating. The trap it seems insignificant, but the consequences are not going to be.