Mitsubishi will atragantan of new emissions of their cars

Mitsubishithe scandal of The falseo of the consumption of vehicles from Mitsubishi in Japan seemed that he had diluted after the purchase of the company by the also japanese Nissan. However, the problem seems to be still very much present in the minds of the officials of the Ministry of Transport japanese. This agency has just announced that suspends the manufacturing eight vehicles of the manufacturer for misrepresenting the fuel consumption and emissions at the time of their approval.

The vehicles affected by this prohibition, in addition to the four affected at the time of getting to know the irregularity that has been committed to the brand are the RVR or ASX committee, the Pajero or the Montero and the Outlander. These three models are frozen waiting for the mark perform the new test and exceed the type-approval. After this step, the brand must advertise the consumption real of their models and report the deviation that affects them.

Mitsubishi OutlanderAccording to the same Ministry of Transport japanese the deviation that exists between the actual consumption and the approval made by the brand would be in a 8.8 or 9 percent. We must bear in mind, that this deviation could be higher, as the regulatory approvals japanese is a bit unreal and therefore would be pursuing these cases of fraud at the time of introducing certain vehicles, such as the famous kei cars with which it jumped the scandal.

This situation will be the mark against the strings the sales of its models in Japan will fall significantly. The reason is obvious, while manages to solve the problem several weeks may pass until it is so. Therefore, from the direction of the brand you have decided to start the payment of the compensations to the owners of a vehicle affected by this problem. With this measure seeks to prevent the brand image is strongly damaged, avoiding losing credibility and that the sales did not resume after the correction of the fraud.

We will be attentive to the performance of the brand, because initially, this failed of approval only affects the japanese market, but could be extended to other markets and products, so that the scandal would grow exponentially, as well as the possible penalties which you may face for the brand.

Source – Mitsubishi

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