Mitsubishi will pay 425 million euros for the falseo of your consumption

MitsubishiThe past month of April, destapaba a scandal in the world of car that mainly affected Japan. Mitsubishi had been lying on the consumption of some of its vehicles since the year 2006 until 2016. Finally are 20 the japanese models concerned, in which the trademark had been approved consumption calculated theoretically and not with the field tests necessary. This implied that the figures were quite low that the real.

To root of false consumption, the brand of the three diamonds has announced that it will invest 50,000 million yen (about 425 million euros) as compensation to the owners of affected vehicles. Is not a quantity as high as the one intended by Volkswagen after the Dieselgate, but Mitsubishi is a manufacturer of small. Remember that because of the scandal and the collapse in stock market of the brand, Nissan took advantage of to become the majority shareholder, after winning 34% of its shares.

Mitsubishi consumo

Mitsubishi eK Custom, one of the models affected by the scandal

Each affected user will receive a number of 100,000 yen (about 850 euros), even though separately they will pay the difference in cost of gasoline and taxes. On the other hand will be paid 30,000 yen (about 255 euros) to the owners of the five models in which they had also tampered with the mileage. While they have been clear on the compensation to users, Mitsubishi continues to investigate what was paid to suppliers, and others affected.

Remember that the affected models are mainly ‘kei cars’ that only sold in the japanese market. Have been affected in a 625.000 units and the brand has already announced that it will no longer sell and produce these cars. Outside of Japan there is no need to worry, as there is no evidence that there is any other model affected in the rest of markets at the global level.

Source – Automotive News