Mitsubishi XM Concept, an SUV with benefits of a minivan

Mitsubishi XM Concept Mitsubishi XM Concept arrives at the International motor Indonesia to teach the public what the brand new japanese. It is a concept that really attractive because it is able to combine the best of two world. On the one hand the advantages of driving a todocamino and on the other, the comfort and the space that arrives to offer a minivan. By the time it is exposed in the form of a prototype, although it is hoped that in the years to arrive as a production model.

there are Not too many data of this first concept, which the company has launched, but what we can see in the images we like. Stands out greatly, the front in the model, with a grid of generous dimensions, a few pilots arent that give a lot of attractiveness to this area, and its large fog lights that get that the XM Concept to gain the muscle. Equally menacing are the steps of wheel and the nerves that are in the profile and the hood, aesthetic solution that feels really good.

Mitsubishi XM ConceptOne of the major sections of this concept is the interior, which offers space for up to seven people. The battle makes it possible that travelling in a comfortable way that number of companions, in addition to be able to load luggage. The brand ensures that it has a lot of safety technology, and that even its design has been worked so that in the event of impact to absorb the forces in a better way.

By the time we see it in the stand that the signature has led to the Salon Automobile International Indonesia, although we hope that in the coming months, the brand continue teaching the evolutions of this prototype until it finally comes to occur.

Source – Mitsubishi