Mitsubishi you must repeat the approval testing in the united States

Mitsubishi has been the latest brand to join the fraud made in around the approval of emissions and fuel consumption. The united states is ordered to re-homologate the vehicles that are sold in that market.

Mitsubishi-LancerMitsubishi Motors admitted a few days ago the handling of the test fuel economy of some vehicles sold in Japan. This week, confirmed through a press release, that the testing of fuel economy of vehicles sold in the united States are correct, although in spite of this should put them to the test again.

Is that at the beginning of the week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) forced Mitsubishi to provide additional information and to carry out the tests again approval for the models who traded in the now, then the company would put in doubt your honesty after the scandal in Japan, and taking into account what happened with Volkswagen, it is quite logical that the EPA would act accordingly.

last year, Mitsubishi sold more than 95,000 vehicles in the united States. The actions of Mitsubishi, the sixth largest car manufacturer of Japan, have already lost more than half its value since we knew the news a week ago, and a new scandal in the united States could be disastrous for the company of japanese origin.