Mobile World Congress 2017: The car is each time more present

Without a doubt, the Mobile World Congress us about year after year, the innovations and vision for the future of mobile technology each day more integrated in our society.

is that, smartphone that we’ve been on top most of the time are the epicentre a endless possibilities digital, which can be moved to the automotive world, each time more connected. These are the best innovations that the manufacturers and brands that we have brought to the tournament and that we have met in a new video format vlog.


in Martorell have wanted to bring us his immediate future to the Fair of Barcelona with two major products shown in the first fruits; the Seat e-Mii, and the Seat Dongle.

The first of them, the e-Mii, it is the electrification of 100% of its smallest vehicle of the range, which now adopts the technology from the Volkswagen Group (and in particular the e-Up) to offer a vehicle 100% electric 82 HP, 160 Km of autonomy and a maximum speed of 130 Km/h.


Although, at the moment according to the brand this is a prototype, the reality is that it is in such a state of development that will be used 10 units as fleet internal type Car2Go for employees of Seat, and, who knows, maybe you could extend this model as a new business of car sharing from the Spanish firm.

In terms of the Seat Dongle, this small device that connects to the OBD port of any car Seat that has him upgrade a lot of cars without the trip computer, as transmitted wirelessly to our smartphone lhe data that pass through the switchboard (ECU) of the car such as the consumption, distances of trips and faults-urgent, or preventive through the app My Seat, with which we could (if necessary) to request roadside assistance or an appointment with the service officer closest to you to solve our problem.


, Telephone we performed a real sample of what you are assuming the next generation of mobile networks, connection 5G in the first sector, as we have, interested in applying the technology, automotive with the driving remote (not autonomous).


And it is that, among other things, the new generation of network-5G allows, to send 25Gb of data per second with a latency (delay between running the command and get to the other side) 3 milliseconds, almost imperceptible; the equivalent of four HD cameras and the orders issued by the playseat of your booth.

In fact, this set has been created to show the real technology, driving from the MWC a prototype of electric vehicle of KTH by a circuit located on the premises of applus + idiada in Tarragona, how to play a simulator game, but with real objects.


For its part, Ford, which does not usually lost over the past years this fair, bet mostarnos his vision of the city of tomorrow with 3 concepts techie.

The first, carr-e is a kind of robot Roomba oversized which allows us to climb on him and moving freely with the momentum of our body, as if a Segway it were, but keeping the hands free.


In the second place the Tricity, a electric vehicle for personal mobility that can adapt to different needs (load packages, personal mobility…) to move from one side to the other once estacionemos the car and open the trunk, place in the that can be saved by this tricycle.

And finally, your concept more futuristic, the Autolivery. A electric van delivery and 100% independent able to load the packages in a drone that would deposit the packets in the balcony of the house, fighting as well the challenge of “the last 15 metres,” hence, it is of concern to the firm (arrival at home, park your car and deliver the order).

Mercedes-Benz & smart

in Addition to the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe as a new car with which to delight us, the German firm has taken the opportunity to teach one of the technologies that it is developing together with DHL to smart, ready to drop, which for the moment is in testing phase with 30 owners of different cars.


the purpose of The system ready to drop of the brand is the to enable delivery of messaging that we should receive to be deposited in the trunk of our smart. To do this, establish a system of connectivity between the courier company (in this case DHL) and our car that allows actuating the opening of the gate to leave the order there, simplifying the task of the company (which will not have to climb up to the domicile of the owner, sign delivery note, etc) as well as the receiver (you don’t have to wait for the arrival of the dealer).


The manufacturer of automotive components (among other things) to us about the real possibilities that your mobile technology developed can have in a car.

in Addition to the importance of the driving autonomous in the future, the German company wants to make a foothold in the capabilities and application of the internet of things to compute our car and make the most of your infotainment.


And is that, in addition to communication with the vehicle, which will alert us in a future of failure and / or prevention of the same and book appointment in the workshop that we need; we could look for cooking recipes or to buy ingredients of the same from the own vehicle as we moved autonomously from one side to the other. All through touch controls or gestural thanks to its sensor, haptic, and their cameras with detection of gaze.


despite the presence of of Munich, has been rather sparse, probably your sample of product be the more real and potentially applicable in the present; and that is their parking system gesture.

In summary, this technology that has shown itself in the BMW i3 would allow us to, outside of the vehicle, indicarle to enter or exit of the parking lot with only a gesture of our arm that it would have a smartwatch on the wrist.


in Addition to the possibilities and simplicity of tasks with the automation of the parking, this can be a great item to use in front of parking lots close in that there would be no possibility to open the doors to get out of the car, for example.


And finally, and perhaps the most striking is the presentation in premiere of the new concept of the French brand, the Peugeot Instinct Concept.


The prototype, which we will also see this next week in the Geneva is composed of an attractive shooting brake of sports lines 100% electric, with 300 HP of power and system driving autonomous able to hide the steering wheel and recline the seat to relax and enjoy a movie while the vehicle moves by itself.

in Addition, thanks to the internet of things would be possible control elements completely away from the car, as for example the lock or lights of home.

┬┐That will come in 2018 in terms of mobile technology and engine concerns?