Mocks Jeep SUV FWD


Jeep mocks in Colombia from its competitors by an advertising campaign called ‘Do not alter your nature’, showing animals with only two front legs


Don't alter your nature (Jeep) J eep launched a poster campaign in Colombia, where they make fun of its competitors only offer products with front wheel drive. The ads show a horse and a lion that only have their front comb , which is accompanied by a slogan that says English ‘Do not alter your nature. Be 4 × 4. ‘, ie’ not alter your nature. Be 4 × 4 ‘.

While Jeep’s image in the collective unconscious immediately sent to legitimate products within that segment, creative seemed to forget that now there is something called Renegade, built on the platform using Fiat 500 L , which means it is also marketed in versions with front-wheel drive.

Finally, regardless of the oversight agency Paistudio Bogota, there is no doubt that this is a campaign that is having an impact thanks to its aesthetics.

Don't alter your nature (Jeep)



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