Mode driving in mobile, a necessity of the current era


Possibly, this video is one of the most illustrative of how far can you reach in human stupidity behind the wheel

while technology helps us in the day-to-day and makes us move forward, sometimes it makes us go back. In terms of driving the mobile phones high-end or smartphone can be a big setback in the field of road safety, as the data begin to show.

is Already quite dangerous to drive while holding a phone conversation with the device in the hand, because it limits the mobility, concentration and the ability to hear any event-related driving. The prohibition of the use of the mobile in motion is not new, several countries put up years ago.

More dangerous still is to send messages in place, so suppress the sense most vital to driving, the view. It began to be worrisome in the age of the SMS, and it is more dangerous still with the modern instant messaging applications, or any application that is used up. Distractions are the order of the day, and people don’t seem to be aware of how you are playing.

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Various experts are not cut, driving, using the mobile can be as dangerous as driving drunk. I recently took part in a training course in which applicants were challenged to do skills exercises with small distractions -such as regular the seat or look for something in the glove compartment – or trying to see the WhatsApp. The second thing was impossible.

If the people are not aware of the problem, and given that the sanctions are already there, just need to pass to the next step: the technological limitation. More and more manufacturers integrate in the new models Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or MirrorLink to further integrate the mobile phones and allow a safer use of the same, as they are going to be used equally.

The problem of this solution is that it is not complete, because only work with a small group of applications, and because only a minority of the fleet of the features. Put phones with Bluetooth and silence them (the calls come the same) is free and more secure, but where common sense does not reach, you will have to do it the technology.


In theory, the standard does not allow to use the mobile or at a traffic light or stopping, the driver must continue to watch out for traffic

Members of the Government of the United Kingdom have formally asked the mobile manufacturers agree in a standard similar to the airplane mode, suitable for driving. The mobile may detect that it is being used in a vehicle by using the information from the accelerometer or the GPS, and move to a mode of limited use. As the airplane mode, but with notifications and calls limited.

In that country the use of mobile phones has quadrupled in march from 2014, 8% to 31%

This measure may sound unfair to the passengers, who do not have the obligation to pay attention to the traffic, it is the responsibility of the driver. If the manufacturers agree on a standard, to avoid the tort of which a few manufacturers to adopt it and others do not, to avoid losses competitive.

Many features of the phone are not necessary while driving, and the notifications can be filtered by order of importance. We can all put examples of notifications are more important than others. This simple gesture can reduce the victims of the circulation of all kinds, both those that cause the accidents such as those that are involved in them.


Some data to ponder. According to a study by the campaign #manosalvolante, are considered to be actions of high risk access to the Internet while driving, manipulate the GPS or try to sync the Bluetooth up (some cars prevent this). we Know that it can, but it’s still done. And is still prohibited. The standard says that we cannot be distracted.

In the same study, 14% acknowledged having tried to sync up, the 4% support browse in march and 28% has touched the GPS in motion. Once in a while we see on the news how a driver is caught using the mobile in motion, or tablets or laptops. Not simply punish, it is important to educate on this simple concept: mobile phones should not be used while driving.

Before the implant that standard, the most popular applications you can start to put filters, like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp or Telegram. Yes, you use up more of what should be. How to make passengers to enjoy on board also? In that they will have to work manufacturers…