MOGrod, Morgan makes us dream with a hot rod british: if it were not April 1…

April 1. If not this date, if not the british equivalent of the holy innocents, a server would be still more a devotee of Morgan, of his philosophy, of his creations. The british firm has surprised us today in their social networks with a new model, a model which is very peculiar: they have created their own hot rod, MOGrod have been baptized, and… to tell you the truth, I could not have better pint.

Yes, it is a joke, but certainly more than a customer of the brand is tempted to ask a car so the department of special creations of Morgan:

high Wheels of spokes, the engine half-naked, glass low, the exhaust to the side…
a few sketches that make us dream with a spectacular hot rod, street, classic but with a modern construction, that is given as well to Morgan… and sadly we have to rule out for being in full April fools.

Morgan even has given us indications of your mechanics and tells us that under that short bonnet beats a V6 3.7 litre source Ford in addition to joke around with the number of orders they have received, 250.000 interested, in a nod to another release (this is real): the Tesla Model 3.

Without doubt want to assign him a car, so the department of special orders of Morgan.