MOIA; the new mobility platform of the Volkswagen Group

MOIA Volkswagen

The latest movements that are taking place the city councils of the major cities of the world are encouraging that companies want to delve into the career of the Car Sharing. If these cities prohibit the circulation of vehicles with internal combustion engine in their centres, many drivers may not be able to access and therefore the best solution is to rent cars by the hour. The other day I we reported that the PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) has created its platform to rent vehicles by the hour, Emov. Well, now it is the turn of Group Volkswagen as MOIA.

MOIA will be the mark number thirteen that has the Volkswagen Group and, according to Ole Harms, ceo of Moia, will be devoted to to provide mobility services for all the customers who need them, even if they have owned a vehicle of the group. Within this platform include the services that the group is preparing to revolutionize the concept of mobility , both individual and collective in our cities.

Volkswagen Autónomo Concept

To carry out their work MOIA and the Volkswagen Group will work with Gett, a rival of Uber. The German consortium made an investment of 280 million euros in may of this year and the first work we made together will be to study new trends you are giving in terms of mobility in the great cities of the world. With this they will seek to adapt their services to the needs of customers that want to use their services.

The place chosen to establish the world headquarters of MOIA is Berlin. In it, the brand will launch new projects of mobility, both individually and collectively, to promote the use of rental cars by the hour. The first city in which they will be working will be Hamburg and to do this they have signed an agreement to three years to promote sustainable mobility in this German city.

With the establishment of MOIA the Volkswagen Group intends for its electric cars and future self can increase your presence in the big cities. All of this will be possible thanks to the agreements which will establish this brand with the city councils to promote the responsible use of the car. Therefore, it is a way that the German consortium see driven your business of electric cars.

Source – The Wall Street Journal