Moldings made of natural stone, opulence extreme courtesy of Bentley and Mulliner

If your car is a conventional car, your dashboard is made of plastic and with luck you’ll have an insert of metal, or of imitation. But if your car is a Bentley, we understand that your dashboard is lined in leather and have inserts of walnut in the same. Bentley and Mulliner – division of extreme personalisation – go a step further in 2016, and announced the production of inserts in natural stone for the dashboard of their vehicles. Opulence is extreme, and innovation, to deep pockets.

These stone inserts will be available for the time being in the ranges Continental and Flying Spur.

The opulence extreme is courtesy of Bentley Mulliner, which takes the models from Crewe to where the series production does not reach. To develop these mouldings of stone have resorted to quarrying socially responsible in India, where they acquire films both of slate quartzite. The pieces of stone are bonded with fiber glass and a synthetic resin, a process that then allows your laminating and mounting set in the form of moldings for the dashboard of the Continental range of the Bentley.

These mouldings made of natural stone are available in two different types of stone and four different colors: Galaxy, Autumn White, Terra Red and Copper. Your final finish is simply stunning, and retains the streaks formed during millions of years of pressure geological. Millions of years turned into a decorative piece for the dashboard of a car. A luxury so extreme that it is almost wrong. Be that as it may, in Crewe are convinced that will be a hit among their clients.

Source: Bentley
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