Monisha Kaltenborn: “Formula 1 is no longer a competition just”


The existence of Sauber in the current grid Formula 1 is every year more and more complicated. The cash-strapped swiss team have made their activity is sustained with a level of expenditure is very much reduced, and this is reflected in the performance sport, being the only team next to the Manor has not added points this season.

last year, Sauber alongside Force India, was involved in an attempt to change the system of distribution of money from FOM with the European Union as part mediator/researcher, considered that it might be breaking eu rules, but it seems that the situation is far from change. As stated by the chief of team Monisha Kaltenborn, when interviewed by Motorsport.

“it Is a little disappointing,
because we have a wonderful sport, a fantastic product, and the
controversies are a part of our product which also makes it
exciting. Otherwise, it would be rather boring. Not
many things are necessary to change the situation in our sport
, so that has been
because Force India and us have tried to talk with the parties
involved to try to change something”.

The main claim of Sauber and Kaltenborn lies in the of course I try to favor some teams receive on the part of FIA and FOM the time to intervene in the important decisions that mark the future of the sport, such as the regulation changes and the above-mentioned distribution, either for historical influence or a greater economic power. In that sense, Kalteborn expressed his belief that his team would not receive a similar treatment even if you succeed in great results.

“you All know how they made these agreements, and the worst part is not that you want to change something just because you don’t like, is that it is having a massive impact on our competition, and that is what we are saying. This leads to a competition that already is not fair. it Has to do with those privileges that certain teams get, in terms of standards development and distribution business, and we are fighting for does not come to a point in which have an effect on the competition”.

All we want is equality of conditions. From there, it depends on you. If you are good or bad, is your problem, but today a team like ours or even Force India –and the other two, in fact they were, say, in the top 3, we could never get that kind of income. we could Never have certain powers over the rules that other teams have, regardless of where they are, and that can’t be right”.

Kaltenborn did not escape the complicated financial situation that faces his team, which has had to use all kinds of resources to be able to pay their employees, on several occasions, with delays of up to 2 months. The head of Sauber believes that it is only a matter of time that your situation will better, and that is not as severe as some media claim.

“We have concentrated on finding a way to solve our situation, and these things take time. Unfortunately, nothing happens from night to day. Some paths are faster, others slower, so that we pursue our way. Nothing has changed in that. there Could be other problems in a particular period of the year that you have to solve immediately, but I don’t think you can say that it has gotten worse, or whatever. I Think that is more a thing of the media that is happening”.