Montagny: “Hamilton doesn’t work as hard as Rosberg”


The style of life that leads Lewis Hamilton is a problem for
many people, who see this as a negative projection of your
professionalism as a pilot of Formula 1. So far, the
criticisms have been isolated but, after a Grand Prix of Europe
marked by errors, the british driver has been at the centre of the

Franck Montagny praises the evolution that, according to him, Nico Rosberg
he has shown this season, knowing to overcome the disappointments
Monaco and Canada. “I Think
that Nico (Rosberg)
changed between last season and this year. Now
it seems to be less sensitive to the pressure
. Could
having destabilized after two consecutive defeats, both
in Monaco and Canada, but before Baku made a
important work in the simulator.
he has matured this season
, said
the French Le Point.


Montagny, one of the major mistakes of Lewis Hamilton was
to claim that the simulator did not add anything and it was like a console
improved. And that, in a circuit again, cost him dearly. “Hamilton
I was convinced that would beat easily to Rosberg. It seems
least applied and participatory than it was in the past.
Baku seemed to come, after having decided not to use the
simulator, trusting
only in
your talent. But it made mistakes and is now under pressure”

public life of Lewis Hamilton is very active and probably
extravagant, something that the pilot has been defended by arguing that it is what
that makes her happy. But for Montagny, “Hamilton
has a part of your attention away from the circuits and it seems
bored of the F1,
what can hurt”
later that “Lewis
it is probably faster than Rosberg, but it doesn’t work as hard”