Montesa has prepared a new model, we will know in November

Montesa preparing the launch of a new model , a new alternative offroad we can meet on 4 November and presented now in video ahead of the little we can draw beyond the aforementioned release date.

on November 4 be presented and now we only know that will be built on the premises of Mogoda.

This alternative will join a range currently consisting of the Montesa Cota 4RT 260 and Race Replica MY2016 , presented in June and Montesa Cota 300RR sportier calling.

But … what is behind this new model?

Montesa has not given great details beyond a “4Ride” that leaves the door open to multiple interpretations, pointing out that this new model will also be manufactured in facilities that the company has in Barcelona Santa Perpetua de Mogoda .

Video preview of the new model Montesa

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