Montezemolo and Trulli involved in the Papers of Panama

Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari, GP Bélgica 2014corruption does not seem to cease, far from it, every time seem to come out more and more cases of corrupt. Honestly it seems to me shameful, and now dabbles also to the F1, if not already had enough with the cases in which has been involved Bernie Ecclestone and also the recent scandals in which he is involved Vijay Mallya and which have starred the questions of the press conference of the FIA prior to the race this weekend.

In the famous Papers of Panama, which have come to light and is involved in cases of corruption through tax evasion in havens big personalities, among which are, allegedly, the ex-president of Ferrari Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and the ex-pilot Italian Jarno Trulli, which according to the press seem to have taken advantage of this frame in the law firm of Mossack Fonseca for his benefit, although Montezemolo has denied this.

Jarno TrulliMossack Fonseca helped famous businesses create evasive, societies that had no economic activity is real, and that his only motive was to create open accounts abroad to perform operations without taxation in the country of origin of the income. According to some media, this would affect about 600 people from 42 countries with more than 11 million documents that have been leaked and are related to 200,000 of these shell companies.

Between the most famous involved from heads of state like Vladimir Putin (though not directly), Bashar al-Ássad of Syria, Mauricio Macri, to other 128 political, in addition to entrepreneurs, actors, film directors and athletes, such as footballer Leo Messi, Pilar de Borbón, Pedro Almodóvar, Micaela Domecq (wife of the minister Cañete), the father of prime minister Tony Blair, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al Thani (former prime minister of Qatar and shareholder of El Corte Inglés), Salman Bin abdul aziz (King of Saudi Arabia), prime minister of Iceland Sigmundur Davío Gunnlaugsson, Peter Poroshenko of Ukraine, relatives of Xi Jinping (chinese president), escort and cfo of Hugo Chavez, the actor Jackie Chan, etc