Montezemolo on Schumacher: “I still believe in a miracle”


There are dates easy for the family Schumacher. Just yesterday we met two years since the serious accident of Michael Schumacher in the Meribel ski resort and the next day, January 3 is the 47th birthday of the kaiser. Few really know the state of health of seven-times World champion of Formula 1 after the accident in the French Alps, but many remember him with great affection, especially in the Scuderia Ferrari. Luca di Montezemolo has been particularly affectionate that was the pilot of the firm of Maranello for eleven seasons.

Luca Cordero di Montezemelo has shown their feelings on the state of Schumacher: “I relive the drama with great sadness. I am a person close to Corinna, Mick and Gina-Maria and the 3 of January I’ll call Corinna. despite this sadness, I still believe in a miracle and in the meantime, I keep in my head the moments of our triumphs”. That was the pattern of Ferrari recognizes that one of the few things that repents is not to be counted again with Schumacher in his return to Formula 1 in 2010: If you had been able to take the proposal forward to the third car, it would have been for him“.

In this line, Montezemelo believes that: “Schumacher was critical to Ferrari and is a people exceptional. I Admire the courage and the strength of your family by how they are helping Michael. I sincerely hope to hear some good news soon”. For his part, Piero Ferrari, only son of the great Enzo Ferrari has also wanted to the words of Montezemelo and remember Michael Schumacher on the anniversary of his fatal accident. Piero Ferrari stated: “it Is sad to think of him going through this type of conditions. I Never imagined that fate would have this saved for Schumacher“.