Montezemolo: “Vettel can start a cycle like Lauda or Schumacher”


Photo: Ferrari

on the verge of completing his first season dressed in red, Sebastian Vettel received the verdict of which he was the president of the Scuderia Ferrari for 23 years, Luca di Montezemolo. A positive judgment. The story between a pilot and a computer could start much earlier, but was missing experience: “Sebastian struck me favorably, especially as a person. The first to speak to me about him was Michael. He told us that he was attentive, polite, fast, and that I could trust him. I know him well from karting. In his time at Toro Rosso, we thought that it was extremely fast, but a little too young, and we were looking for someone with more experience, and we chose to Fernando Alonso with that, let’s not forget, we have spent four years of success”.

In his day, Montezemolo explained why they changed to the Spanish for German. Now, the former president speaks wonders of the four-time champion that, according to him, has everything to make history in Maranello: “Sebastian has three key features for Ferrari. In the first place is a pilot extraordinary, whether in qualifying or in the race. In the second, has an attitude that is perfectly suited to Ferrari, because it is positive, full of passion and team spirit. And finally, is young, but also expert. Has come at the right time to start a new cycle, and as Niki Lauda or Michael Schumacher, you can become part of the history of Ferrari. I wish you all the best“.

The memory of Schumacher

Outside of the racing world, but still deeply linked to the Scuderia, Montezemolo is still the competition of the Italian team: “Ferrari is still in my heart, and I follow with pleasure and passion racing. I spent almost half of my life in Maranello, is something that I will never forget. There reaped great successes, many of them from the hand of Michael Schumacher, who also commented: “Michael was critical to Ferrari, to me, to our life. It is an extraordinary person, who has always worked for the team, which has always proven to be a man team, especially in difficult times. Simply, it is something unique, and to see him in this state is terrible”.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is left with all the memories along the seven-time champion of the world, and send a message to your family and friends: “I Try to remember the many wonderful moments that we celebrate together, and remember him as a pilot, a man and a friend exceptional. I admire the strength of his family, of Corinna and the boys, how they are helping you, and from the deepest of my heart I wish to always receive good noticias”.