More absurd announcement Ford Chevrolet to attack aluminum and strategy

I’ve seen stupid ways to sell cars. Sure, if you think carefully remember some absurd ad, nonsense. But this probably takes the cake. The war between pick-up rages. The Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado stand as the best selling models in the US although the battle continues winning it, with one important difference, the blue oval. Ford has a strong commitment aluminum . And that was the reason that has led Chevrolet to launch an attack on his opponent to question the supposed advantages of aluminum to construction in high strength steels. What you will not believe the advertising strategy is followed. A hidden camera, fans of comics, and even drop a bear in a closed with the protagonists of this video room.

There were smarter ways to defend his product to drop a bear in a room and expect the protagonist of the video to hide in a steel cage.

Chevrolet is using viral hidden camera format reminiscent of stupid questions, like the rescued “What weighs more, a kilo of straw or a kilo of lead?” Or “What will fall before a muffin or a muffin?” (you believe it or not, these stories still give cause for embarrassment reports on television, see news Naukas). And what you are doing Chevrolet is, in short, play with the ignorance of people to try to minimize, or even despise, the strategy followed by his rivals.

So, Chevrolet set out to ask a few fans of the comic book superhero if you prefer a steel or aluminum. They are proposed even ask – very graphically – whether they preferred a protected grizzly bear in a cage of steel or aluminum cage [1.99901 million].

Chevrolet opted for the easy joke, by the viral to appeal to public ignorance (Automotive News Europe). [1.99901 million]

The irony and hypocrisy of the matter is that the next Chevrolet Silverado most likely also be built making extensive use of aluminum.

Chevrolet had enough arguments to cast doubt on the need to build a pick-up steel or aluminum. And indeed he did, with a serious announcement, Ford still has not been slow to respond.

We will not go into much detail on the matter. But just remember that aluminum is not exactly cheap, either repair , which necessarily expensive maintenance workshop basic work, insurance policies, and so on. Ford would have found that the advantage of weight savings involved aluminum offset those disadvantages. And that increased costs would not be so important turning to the economy of scale. Recall again the Ford F series sold 753 851 units in 2014. In these volumes, and the price of a product like this, the decision to use a high percentage of aluminum in the construction of a vehicle makes more sense.

According to Ford, the use of aluminum in its F-150 reduces repair time and saves costs. The ad with the attack Chevrolet, the costs aluminum repair, you can see below.

The irony and hypocrisy of the matter is that Chevrolet has already announced an extensive use of aluminum in many products, including the next Silverado …

Source: Chevrolet
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