More aggressive and sharp, the Honda CBR500R is still accessible for all audiences

the new Honda CBR500R 2016 will be introduced at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Florida (USA) in a few days, and this is why Honda already has just post some images of your ideal bike for holders of a carnet A2. A sport is not out of pocket, but able to do long routes and allow ourselves to be certainly amazed with their performance. A machine that wins in aggressiveness, but that does not lose its spirit simple and suitable for all audiences, which has become a best seller in the industry.

With 47 HP of maximum power, it is a sport ideal for holders of a carnet A2.

Aesthetically, presents a new fairing with a more aesthetically sharp, directly derived from the CBR more powerful. The front also presents a number of optical LED more aggressive, solving the lack of violence aesthetics in the previous model. The silencer of the exhaust has also been redesigned: it is now shorter and a beep will sound more convincing. Sound is still emanating from the robust parallel twin of almost half a litre – in particular 471 cc – able to develop a remarkable 47 CV to 8,500 rpm.

The seat is also shorter and the fuel tank opens a new close. The fuel tank – 15.7 gallons before – increases in capacity, promising autonomy formidable. Taking into account that its average consumption is 3.7 l/100 km, could have an autonomy of theoretical higher than 500 km, almost worthy of a car. The part-cycle does not present significant changes, beyond a front fork with adjustable preload, so that the newbies can mess with your timing.

Continues to hold the same braking equipment, which is signed by NissinABS optional, not standard – as well as a secondary transmission by chain, through a gearbox five gears nicely spaced.

photo Gallery: More aggressive and sharp, the Honda CBR500R is still accessible for all audiences

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Honda CBR500R 2016: a new design on the way (among other changes) for the sport of A2

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