More autonomy for the Volkswagen e-Golf


in Addition to the latest in connectivity and infotainment that we’ve seen at CES, the Volkswagen e-Golf will also benefit from a remarkable increase in their autonomy. What has been said Volkmar Tanneberger, the head of electronic development of the German mark.

Currently, the cells of the batteries of the e-Golf, give 28 amps hour and provide a range of 190 kilometers on cycle european (NEDC), or 134 kilometers with the approval in the us (EPA). Keeping the design of the container of the cells, but changing these to the inner level, can increase your ability to 37 amps hour.

This increase of capacity will allow a 30% greater range, which translates to almost 250 kilometres to the cycle NEDC or 173 km cycle EPA. It is not known when you will implement this improvement in the e-Golf, but it is reasonable to think that they take advantage of the restyling to do this.


In the time to produce such an increase, if you have not left even the Nissan Leaf second-generation, the e-Golf may be speaking to equals to the version of 30 kWh, with a range approved from 250 km on cycle european. Yes, in north America will already be available on the Chevrolet Bolt, with over 320 miles of range in sizing american, and probably at a lower price.