More changes christmas at McLaren

Zak Brown

Since the departure of Ron Dennis and the entry of its substitute Zak Brown, everything seemed stable, did not expect more changes and much less major changes in the dome of McLaren. But as a surprise christmas have come new additions to the team of Woking, one of them quite unexpected, considering it was a move to recent…

I mean Jost Capito, one of the great signings of McLaren for this season, and that came from Volkswagen to take part in the work of Boullier. He held the post of director general of McLaren, but the signing star Dennis does not seem to like the new CEO of McLaren, and according to rumors point to her upcoming departure from the team after just 4 months since its signing.

Ron Dennis y CEO de Chandon

But not everything stays here, McLaren will also lose one of its historic sponsors: Johnny Walker, which will be leaving at the end of 2017, at Force India. Already know that also Exxon, the oil company of Texas, has implemented Red Bull and the new sponsor and provider of lubricants and fuel will be the british BP. In addition, Zak Brown is making great efforts to attract more sponsors, and have a great main sponsor again in 2018.

But the changes don’t end here, John Riches will replace Ekrem Sami, who has resigned from his position. Ekrem does not depart from McLaren, which shall within under another post. But now it will be Riches that will that was the position of Ekrem. The position of director of marketing, therefore, relies on the lawyer Riches, who is a specialist in the management of wealth in the firm Withers.. is This also a result of the departure of Dennis? Because I don’t know, but Ekrem had been working with Dennis since the 70’s and a man of confidence…