More competition: Skoda is preparing a SUV of contained dimensions

Nuevo Skoda KodiaqThe SUV segment gets more interesting than ever. That rivalry and the avalanche of models that we all surprised a few years ago when virtually all brands throwing their bets on the SUV segment over a period of time a little tight, it seems that it is repeating itself, but on a scale slightly smaller in size, in the B-segment-SUV. Skoda, which has recently presented the Kodiaq to the segment D-SUV, now reports that is also developing a car for the B-segment-SUV.

Our fellow Auto Express claim that the head of R & D of the company Czech, Christian Strube, has announced this model. In this way, the new model that is expected to would see in 2018 would rival vehicles already settled as the Nissan Juke, Renault Capture, or the Citroën C4 Cactus, and would be made responsible with other SUV of small dimensions that still have not come to the market as the Seat Arona.

Nuevo Skoda KodiaqAccording to our companions, Strube were confirmed during the past Hall of Paris that the model had already been confirmed internally, and that was in the throes of development. However, they have to find a basis within the Volkswagen group that allows them to fully develop the model to your taste and with the DNA of the brand, that is to say, to allow them to continue with their philosophy of “Simply Clever” which is much talked about in their vehicles and, at the same time, be able to deliver what the public demand in this segment of vehicles.

In this way, and seeing the big bets of the most brands, the supply of urban vehicles with aesthetic and robust body with more free height to the soil will be, shortly, similar to the competition between todocaminos of medium size that we are now living. In a short time, choosing what urban aesthetic of todocamino we buy will be a complicated task although, on the other hand, the customers comes to us much better as it will be easier for one of them to suit our tastes.

Source – Auto Express