More customization for the Daihatsu Copen in the Lounge of Tokyo

Are convertible the world’s smallest that can be considered to be passenger cars, the kei-car japanese. The Daihatsu Copen is a convertible with a canvas roof, and comes with multiple interchangeable parts to change its appearance. Now, Daihatsu proposes two kits bodywork very interesting, and a study version crossover.

In the first place, the color red, we have the Copen Hill. It’s an addition to circular with hard-top, out-of-season for convertibles. This solution was more common decades ago for the winter would be more bearable in this type of car. The look is a hybrid of Mazda and Alfa Romeo, especially if it gives us for looking at it from behind.


In the second place, the Copen Robe, which completely changes the look of the car and is about as british style shooting brake, that is to say, a coupe with a trunk to transport long objects such as hunting weapons. Visually it is not a spawn, even though the form factor is imposed to the function.

And to finish, the Copen Adventure, lined protections of black plastic that have no more utility practice to lessen the drama of scratches from parking. In the sketch the Copen appears very sobreelevado, is to assume that first person will have proportions more conventional.


If not, with such a free height and shoes of wide profile, it would make skills interesting out of the asphalt.