More details about the new Geely NL-3

The Geely NL-3 is an SUV chinese that promises to conquer the western public. His debut in China will take place the first months of 2016 and will have two mechanical options, manual transmission or automatic and traction 4×2 or comprehensive.

Geely-Emgrand-NL-3-1Feu one of the new Geely led to the past Car show in Guangzhou that took place in China in the month of November. This is the Emgrand NL-3, a SUV that will debut in the local market at the beginning of 2016, but with the intentions to conquer also the western public.

Geely was used by the former designer of Volvo Peter Horbury, who was in charge of providing the NL-3 one aspect that will surely be to the liking of the public european. On A visual level the SUV comes with a refined aesthetic, emphasizing his line of waist high, something that recalls to products such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport or Range Rover Evoque.

Your body measured 4,519 mm long, 1,831 mm wide and 1,694 high, with a wheelbase that is located at 2,670 mm, The front is presented with the feature chrome grille of Emgrand, in addition to chrome accents on the bumper and on the tailgate.

Geely-Emgrand-NL-3-2the interior of The Geely NL-3 comes with a very neat, combining plastic color black with details in aluminum present in the plate, the steering wheel, gear lever and vents of the ventilation. Account with a instrument panel fully digital in the later versions equipped, while in the central area is situated the touch screen of eight inches of the system of information and entertainment, with features such as navigation system, Internet access, and support for Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Its endowment includes items such as lights with LED technology, system of keyless access, start button, glass roof panorama, and upholstery in leather, among others.

Under the hood is expected a 2.0 liter 16v 140 CV, in addition to 1.8 liter turbo with a power of 180 horsepower. The most powerful can be combined with a system of traction 4X4 and an automatic change of six marches, while the 2.0 i is combined with a manual change of six relations and front-wheel drive.