More details about the Rinspeed Σtos that will debut at CES

The Rinspeed Σtos is a prototype based on the BMW i8, which includes a driving system of autonomous and some eccentricities as his own drone with a landing strip included. Will have its official debut in the framework of the CES 2016 of the city of Las Vegas.

Rinspeed-Etos-1Llatest creation of Rinspeed met in the month of October through a single image, which was the object of ridicule, because the model had a landing strip for his own drone. Now the company released a full gallery of photos official, shows the qualities of the product based on the BMW i8.

Your body gets painted in yellow color, with a quite different aspect of the product from BMW. Both the front and behind have been modified with the classic look of the swiss brand, in addition to having won a few alloy wheels of 20-inch Borbet GTX.

Your look is complete with some sectors painted in black color, such as the roof, the front and the posterior sector around the headlights, in addition to a few mirrors that have been replaced by cameras


The Σtos has a driving system autonomous with steering wheel retractable.

But what is more surprising Σtos is related to the technologies we use. What is more important is your driving system autonomous, that when it is in operating mode, it triggers the steering wheel retractable that is hidden within the panel in order to provide a greater space for the driver. It has a system of information and entertainment that has been designed by Harman,, which provides features of personal assistant to the driver, which includes control voice controls and gesture advanced.

in Addition, it has your own drone with the runway, including, equipped with nothing less than 12.000 LED lights that can show electronic messages or until it transformed into a virtual dance floor, something that we don’t finish to understand its meaning, but will surely be a proposal to light the less attractive.

What is that done? For things as unusual as take selfies driver, but primarily for make small explorations that allow the driver to resolve situations throughout their journey. Something like the small bird robot that used the Mach 5, Meteor.