More drug testing on the roads this 2016

Control drogas DGTOf face-to-2016 DGT has announced that it will reinforce the controls of detection of drugs in drivers. Throughout the year take place more than the 120,000 drug tests on the Spanish roads, which means a 38% with respect to the year 2015. This measure is included in the Road Safety Strategic Plan 2010-2020. The data of 2015 arojaron worrying figures, and that 33% of drivers evaluated on preventive controls gave positive test while in the drivers who had committed some violation, the percentage rises to a still more alarming 59%.

allocated a total of 12 million euros for the implementation of these controls, which will affect the whole national territory, except the Basque country and Catalonia, where the policiías autonomous regions have their own competences in the field of traffic. The cannabis and cocaine are the two dorgas illegal most common between the Spanish drivers, that also. In addition to drugs, 12% of the drivers analyzed in 2015 was also positive in consumption of alcohol. As much as 39% of drivers and 40% of pedestrian deaths and analyzed in 2015 had presence in blood of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic drugs.

Récord control de alcoholemia en A Coruña

The 12% of the infringements of 2015 mixed drugs and alcohol

The administrative sanction for driving with presence of drugs in the body involves a financial sanction of 1,000 euros and the withdrawal of 6 points driver’s license. By the way criminal penalties may be three to six months in prison or worked for the benefit of the community, in addition to the withdrawal of the driving licence between one and four years. Refusing to perform the test is punishable by up to one year of imprisonment and deprivation of driving licence for a period of one to four years.

Source – DGT