More hardness and survival in the Rally of Mexico


One of the regular complaints from fans of the WRC and even the promoters of the rally is the standard format of the tests in the World. Mileage marked by regulation, a similar number of sections and even a distribution almost identical to the special in each day are tolls to pay to be part of your calendar. Something different or unusual would be appreciated and the renewed format of the Tour de Corse it was certainly well received, even by the pilots. In the line search changes, the Rally of Mexico bet because of the hardness and the sections of pure resistance.

The Rally Mexico is one of the toughest rallies of the season. Stretches complex and on a gravel prone to punctures represent the first adversity of a test that by its high altitude also made to suffer the engines and pilots. Accidents, runway excursions, the above-mentioned puncture, and mistakes are a constant in a test that even in 2015 left us with the ‘heade’ of Ott Tanak in a lake annex to one of the sections. In any case, the formula seems to be working as the promoters will increase their stake.

A failure to close the tour, the Rally of Mexico will be the longest stretch of 2016. On the basis of the special ‘Guanajuatito’ is already played in 2015, will create a segment with higher mileage, in the style of the rallies of old-school where the resistance and survival were fundamental virtues. The new stretch will have 80 kilometres against the clock on surfaces clay and will be an extension of ‘Guanajuatito’. To this section are in addition to the special feature ‘The Chocolate’ with its 44 kilometres, held usually on the first stage.