More medium tyres to Shanghai


Pirelli breathes quiet. The introduction of the third compound in the race has been perceived as the great success of this season, leading to strategies very different and a good show on track. For the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix, the Italian brand will supply teams with the same 3 compounds that in Australia and Bahrain: superblando, soft and medium. The selection of games for this Grand Prix, however, shows a greater preference for the tyre harder, the medium, which in the previous two. In fact, Pirelli will 59 games on medium tyres, 8 more than in Bahrain.

Sauber has been the team that has wagered on the tires more durable, having requested 5 games for both Marcus Ericsson as for Felipe Nasr. On the opposite side of the scale are Felipe Massa and Romain Grosjean, that they only have a game. Both drivers will, in turn, up to 7 sets of tires superblandos, as their respective partners in Williams and Haas, and the McLaren.


In terms of Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton will have to play media Nico Rosberg, to the detriment of the soft, and both will have a game of superblandos less than the two Ferrari, which can be decisive if the race ends up being fought over in the dry.

One of the most interesting details of this allocation are concerned Carlos Sainz. The Spanish rider is the only grill that will have 6 sets of soft, while the rest will be 4 or 5. His teammate Max Verstappen, for example, carries one less that goes to your total media. In any case, the elections are still very varied, which guarantees that, a Big win more, the strategies will be a fundamental part of the show… if the weather is favourable.