More modern and technological than ever: the new Opel Zafira 2016, in 4 keys

Opel Zafira has just been renewed in depth, and so looks on its first official images. The minivan of seven-seater Opel has not become a crossover such as the Renault Grand Scénic, but renews its appeal with an image much more fresh, an air of family with the Opel Astra and a huge technological endowment. The Opel Zafira was launched in 2013, and more than a new generation, we are faced with a face wash pretty deep. You line by line, in four keys what changed, what improved and what are the novelties of equipment.

1) An image more sports… and more premium

The dashboard and the windshield has also been redesigned with more visibility in mind.

the design of The Opel Zafira evolves favorably, taking the best of the family Astra and expanding their identity to their body of seven-seater. The front opens new optical – LED lighting matrix AFL LED optional – and a calender of large dimensions. Although the side profile or your behind just vary, its finishes are more sports take your aggressiveness visual a step further, and the whole range debuts new wheel designs, as well as new shades for the paint of the bodywork.


2) The active safety most advanced in the segment

in Addition to lighting LED matrix with wizard lights long and up to nine modes of operation automatic, the Opel Zafira has a system Following Distance Indication (FDI), which detects vehicles ahead of the car using the front camera and tell us (or slow down) if we get too close. The camera also recognizes traffic signs and warns us if we get close to the edges of the lane. In addition, available adaptive cruise control and driving modes adjustable – the system FlexRide.


3) A redesigned interior, loaded with technology

New steering wheel, new instrumentation… redesigned with a touch of family to the Opel Astra and the ease-of-use in mind.

inside of the Opel Zafira has been redesigned. The center console opens a infotainment system R4.0 IntelliLink with 7-inch touch screen. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, the system Opel OnStar automatic call to the emergency services (and personal assistant) is available on the Opel Zafira. The car can be transformed into a Wi-fi zone rolling, thanks to the integration of a hotspot 4G, by using a built-in SIM card – data plan separate, of course.


4) The same space and versatility of always

The Opel Zafira has always been a minivan very versatile. Solutions equipped before washing your face move without hardly changes, as for example the system FlexFix for transportation of bicycles or the system FlexRail, in which it is possible to organize the available space between the two front seats by a rail, aluminum adjustable. The lateral seats of the second row are shifted to the center and back if the core is empty, providing a travel experience much more spacious.

Source: Opel