More power and efficiency with the new engines, Jaguar

Jaguar F-Pace 2016

Jaguar updated part of its range of products with the improved their engines. These new developments come to the models Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF and the Jaguar F-Pace, both in diesel as in gasoline. Specifically, there would be three updates to the mechanics, although not all of them will be available in the trio of the models previously cited. On the other hand, there will also be some improvement in the matter of attendees to the driving and in the section of infotainment.

Begin with the engines, which will be two petrol and a diesel, all 2-liter of displacement and belonging to the family Ingenium manufactured partly in aluminium. The 2 liters of gasoline less power will yield 200 HP and will be available in the models, XF, and XE. The variant dynamics will achieve the 250 HP, being available in the Jaguar XF, XE and F-Pace.

Jaguar XE tracción total

on the other hand we have the thruster diesel, which will also be a four-cylinder 2-liter and will be available in the three models of the british firm referred to above. It will develop a power of 240 HP coupled to a torque of no less than 500 Nm, a number of par outstanding for this displacement. It is not the fruit of chance and is that this engine oil uses two turbos for the boost.

models XF and XE will have several driving modes, named in the mark as Configurable Dynamics, which will act on the response of the engine, the steering and also about the gearbox. This will add Adaptative Dynamics, which in addition will vary the behavior of the suspension.

Jaguar XF diésel AWD

Of these three models, the Jaguar XF and F-Pace also receive in this update the Dual View, which allows driver and passenger to view different things on the central screen of the dashboard of 10 inches. There are no shortage of security enhancements, introducing, for instance, a front-facing camera to help maneuver at low speeds, sensors dead angle with soft interaction on the steering to avoid a lateral collision when changing lane.

Jaguar F-Type
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