More racing and a GP night in Las Vegas, objectives of Liberty Media


Greg Maffei has attended a congress of means of communication in Barcelona, the Morgan Stanley Technology. And, in him, the Executive Director of Liberty Media has commented on some issues related to the Formula 1.

Liberty Media acquired a few weeks ago, a significant amount of shares of the Formula 1 and one of its purposes is to make it more accessible digitally. But another of the purposes is to achieve greater profitability and one of the options is to increase the testing schedule to be played. “Obviously there is a limit on what can be done, but I think that the number of runs you can still grow a little bit”, said Maffei, aware that the computers will only access if they receive more money to increase the staff and to be able to cope with a calendar more extensive.

Maffey, therefore, think that that is the line to follow: for everyone involved to earn more money with the operation. “There is a general line of interest if you increase a little the number of runs. The FIA would make more money, the teams would earn more money and we would win more money. But the new candidates tend to pay more”.

And one of the old dreams of Bernie Ecclestone is also the Maffei: organize a Grand Prix in Las Vegas and, in addition, night. “To me particularly I like the idea of a night race in Las Vegas”, recognized the Executive Director of Liberty Media with the attendees at the conference. The u.s. territory has always been a pending issue for Bernie Ecclestone, but already has an event in Austin, she dreams of entering the category in the most iconic cities such as New York or Las Vegas.