More than 1,000 CV’s for this brutal Mercedes-AMG E 63 of Posaidon


Posaidon is one of those preparers usual when we speak of power pouring on models of Mercedes-Benz: a clear example of this is the Mercedes-AMG A 45, and its 485 HP from the engine 2.0 Turbo four-cylinder.

His last preparation far exceeds this figure more than doubled: no less than 1.020 CV for the Posaidon RS850+, a Mercedes-AMG E 63 that are brutalized to the extreme. The modifications in your engine V8 Biturbo 5.5-liter are quite profound, and not limited to only a reprogramming electronic.


With new turbochargers and intercoolers, along with a new intake and air filter conical, the Mercedes-AMG E 63 of current generation reaches the to 1,400 Nm. To be able to channel all this surge of engine torque to the four wheels effectively, Posaidon also replaced the gearbox, and incorporates two new differential limited-slip in the axles front and rear.

Posaidon RS850+ is homologated for on-road, but their performance in circuit will also be very high, thanks to the tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport with alloy wheels ADV1, together with a strict reduction of weight which includes a hood carbon fiber, front seats bucket and deletion of rear seats and interior cladding, becoming a two-seater.


Your aero kit is also manufactured in carbon fiber, and includes a new rear diffuser, a front grille is larger to allow a better cooling, spoiler lower on your bumper and a discreet rear spoiler. Lastly, it also offers a sport-tuned suspension and brakes are carbon-ceramic.

According to the trainer, the maximum speed of this particular and brutal Mercedes-AMG E 63 reaches the 350 km/h by way of limitation electronic, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds: performance supercar that is, without much discussion, one of the sedans faster on the planet. We don’t want to think about what you will be able to Posaidon with the future Mercedes-AMG AND 63 2017…