More than 450 km/h and 1.451 CV: Hennessey go crazy with the Venom GT 2016

Hennessey currently manufactures the Venom GT, one of the fastest cars on the planet. Although its speed records have not been certified by Guinness, their 435,31 Km/h achieved on the tracks of the NASA in Cape Canaveral, making it the fastest car in the world at the unofficial rate. With a Bugatti Chiron in the way – we have already seen the nude – at Hennessey have decided to become crazy: have increased the power of the Venom until the 1.451 CV with the aim of overcoming the 450 km/h. it’s Crazy!

The Venom reached just a year ago, nothing less than 435,31 km/h on the slopes of the NASA at Cape Canaveral.

Hennessey has gotten out of hand, definitely. The only modification that have been practiced in this Lotus Elise anabolizado is to increase the power of its engine, a 7.0 LS7 V8 source General Motors. A huge aluminum engine which is now compatible with bioethanol E85. The higher octane rating of bioethanol, and several adjustments that have led to an increase in the pressure of blowing their turbochargers have carried his power up to a few tremendous 1.451 CV. An increase of 207 CV on your 1,244 in CV above.

No, the car had little power because, in fact, their relationship to power-to-weight was 1 kg/HP thanks to its content weight 1.243 kg. This version 2016 has a relationship to power-to-weight of only 0,85 kg/HP, even lower than that of a motorcycle supersport as Yamaha YZF-R1 2015. This increase of power allows acceleration fulgurating. Although it does not have four-wheel drive and its gearbox is manual six relationships, is able to do the 0 to 96 km/h in just 2.4 seconds. Awesome!

But if there is a statistic impressive is the maximum speed. With this update the mechanics, and without retouching, aerodynamics or suspension, Hennessey aims to exceed 450 km/h. An amazing figure of speed, similar to the maximum that the Chiron intends to pursue once it is launched to the market.

Source: Jalopnik
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